Tree Surgery: We share a great affinity with trees and their health and preservation. There are a range of tree surgery options available, with the welfare of the client, the tree and the environment being central to our work ethic. We do not believe in unnecessary work and unless under specific instruction, will recommend a course of treatment that promotes the tree’s preservation. We manage the whole process for you, applying for permission from the council if relevant (conservation area or the tree in question has a Tree Preservation Order) and organising any necessary traffic management or parking bay suspensions. We always aim to complete the work with as little disruption as possible, leaving the site clean and tidy. Unless instructed otherwise, the removal of all arisings is included in the quote. We will always arrange to come and look at the work to give an accurate quote and to assess the time and equipment needed to complete the job. You can expect to receive your quote within 24 hours of this first visit.

reduing a tree

Planting: At Reeves Arboricultural Services, we love to plant trees. Planting a tree has a long-term impact on the local environment as well as being a valuable investment and therefore choosing the right tree is vital. With much combined experience in this field, we work with a number of landscape architects, property managers and construction companies, advising, supplying, planting and implementing aftercare packages for new trees. Much of our expertise lies in planting larger trees, requiring specialist techniques and plant machinery. We can arrange and supply everything needed from start to finish, making the whole process run as smoothly as possible.

We will advise on the best tree(s) for the location and with suppliers in the UK, Holland and Italy, we are able to source a huge variety of trees at competitive prices. All trees are planted at the correct depths, with pits backfilled with a special mix of soils and natural soil enhancers. Trees are either staked with stakes, spacers and ties, or for more mature trees, we use platypus underground anchors.

All trees are planted in accordance with British Standards.

In 2016, we planted over 3000 trees, from whips to mature specimens, not just adding to the aesthetic value of our clients’ surroundings, but helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Surveys, Reports & Consultancy: Trees provide many benefits for us – they are essential environmentally, they can define a landscape or just produce some fruit in a small garden, plus many other things in-between. There is however, an associated risk with every tree in that it could fail and cause injury, therefore each tree owner has a duty of care to reasonably look after their tree(s). The larger the number of trees owned, the larger the responsibility. We can provide a variety of solutions to manage one’s tree stock in both the urban and rural setting. In our experience, a pro-active approach to tree stock management results in substantially less unexpected failures which greatly reduces the overall cost of owning trees and gives a forecast of costs for future works. This can help with budgeting whilst satisfying duty of care requirements.

Reeves Arboricultural Services can carry out the Tree Survey, prepare the results with recommendations, priorities and Gps data, then supply quotations for the works listed in order of priority. Some clients prefer an independent company to carry out the survey, we can also organise this if required.

Often when a development is undertaken, as a part of the planning application process, a tree survey, method statement and Arboricultural Impact Assessment (as per BS5837:2012), must be produced and submitted with the planning application. We can collect this information and produce reports, as well as offer Monitoring and Supervising Arborists to ensure Tree Protection Plans and method statements are followed.

We can provide Tree Hazard Evaluations (Health and Safety) or Tree Valuations (monetary value) for various situations.

Expert Witnesses may be required for compensation and mitigation claims. We can provide Qualified Arborists as expert witnesses.

Veteran Tree Care: As trees mature into old age, they may start to show symptoms of decline as they compartmentalise, in order to prolong their lifespan. It is important to preserve these veteran trees. Although we are unable to prevent a trees ultimate demise, we can certainly help it along and there are a range of techniques available. We believe that tree surgery should only be used as a last resort or as minimal pruning as necessary in conjunction with health care.

Tree Health Care & Soil Remediation: Trees in England are under increasing threat from various agents. Whether due to climate change, increasing population and urbanisation or just an increased awareness of tree health, we have seen the spread of problems ranging from drought and waterlogging to pathogens, such as Conifer Aphids and Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner, Ash dieback and Oak processionary moth. At Reeves Arboricultural Services we can offer a range of treatments for certain tree ailments.

For any tree in decline or succumbing to stresses from its surroundings, we can carry out a soil assessment and condition improvement plan, that can greatly improve the quality of the growing medium in which the tree is standing. Soil is very important and is often overlooked when tree health is considered.

If you believe you have a tree suffering from ill health, please get in touch to discuss a site visit where we can recommend the best course of action for the tree’s preservation.

Stump Grinding: If you have an unwanted stump which needs to be removed, we can grind it out for you. We have access to different size grinders, enabling us to tackle anything. We have a small grinder that can be carried through the house.