About Us

Based in London and Guildford, Reeves Arboricultural Services currently work with a variety of corporate and private clients.

A snapshot of our clients: Block and estate management, school, property managers, landscape architects and designers, architects, construction companies, private estates, country houses.

We aim to provide our clients with an easy and painless experience, keeping them informed on the process through one of our knowledgeable team members.

We offer a wide range of arboricultural services, managing our clients’ tree concerns from start to finish. We manage the entire process, from organising permissions for trees in conservation areas or with tree preservation orders, through to completing the work and providing any necessary aftercare.

All our staff are fully NPTC qualified to perform their designated roles and are polite and friendly – we strongly believe in good manners and this is translated to our work site.

Reeves Arboricultural Services places huge emphasis on completing our work to the highest standard of health and safety with efficiency underpinning everything we do.

Our wealth of experience has taught us that it is more cost and time efficient to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing tree populations.

Reeves Arb Services team photo

Who are Reeves Arboricultural Services?

Chris Reeves, Managing Director
Chris has been working with trees for over 12 years. His career started on private estates in Gloucestershire where he gained experience in semi-mature planting, remedial works and tree health care. This was when Chris’ love for planting began. He then moved to London where he worked for the Royal Parks and Wandsworth, Camden and Islington councils, as well as private clients, as a team leader and lead climber. With this wealth of experience and love for trees he started Reeves Arboricultural Services. Growing the company over the last three years, through his motivating attitude and enjoyment of hard work, Reeves Arb. now employs seven staff members. Chris takes huge pride in completing each job to the highest standard and leaving the customer happy, but also feels it extremely important to ensure each member of his team is working in the best possible environment, resulting in a fully motivated workforce. Chris’ heart lies with all things trees, however he particularly enjoys the creative element of working with clients to choose and implement tree planting strategies. With several mature tree planting projects involving multiple specimens under his belt, Reeves Arb. are gaining a reputation for Treescape design and implementation.

Gillon Laidlaw, General Manager
Gillon’s passion for trees began aged five when his father embarked on the planting of 1800 hardwood whips on their 8 acre small holding.  With fond memories of helping to plant these over a three year period, his love of arboriculture was born! Skip forward to 2000, and Gil took his first full time job in arboriculture, climbing trees for various companies. He then took the NPTC Assessor’s route and began training and assessing beginners in the industry, which he found incredibly rewarding. After moving to London in 2007, he begin working for a large local authority contractor and gained his management experience, overseeing large contracts and continuing to train new staff as well as completing an RFS Certificate in Arboriculture. In 2015, looking for a new challenge, Gil began working for The London Borough of Wandsworth, as an Arboricultural Officer. Here he spent a rewarding 18 months before being asked to join Chris Reeves in his venture – a position which he began in mid-2016, soon after finishing his FdSc In Arboriculture, adding his valuable knowledge, particularly surveying and consultancy skills, to the company.

Vinny Bianchini, Lead Climber & Yard Manager
Having climbed trees as a much-loved past time from a young age, Vinny always knew he wanted to turn his passion into a career. Starting aged 16, he worked on contracts with railways and powerlines, gaining experience with forestry machinery and acquiring a general foundation of industry knowledge. He then progressed to climbing, working for a local authority contractor in London, eventually becoming a team leader in the Royal Parks. After holding this position for two years, in 2015 he joined Reeves Arboricultural Services as lead climber, quickly adding yard manager to his title. Vinny is extremely hardworking and this, along with his meticulous eye to detail translates into all work he undertakes for the company.

Larry Jones, Team Leader
Larry began his career in tree surgery six years ago when he was offered a job in the industry by chance. Working for a small company gave him the perfect platform to learn and his love of the work has been ingrained ever since. After completing his initial training, he joined Reeves Arboricultural Services in 2015 as a team leader and continues to gain experience and qualifications. Never happier than when in a tree, Larry has become a key part of the team with his strong work ethic a driving force on our work sites.

All other team members are highly qualified and fully insured and will be able to assist with any queries you may have on the day.